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Seasons Transition          

March 29, 2016

In the wine industry, or at least for those of us who both grow and make our own wines, there are only two seasons in the year; the "wine making season" and the "wine growing season". The former is indoors and, for Adagio, underground in our winery/cellar. The later is outdoords in the vineyard. The former is tightly controlled, highly scientific and results are driven by finely tuned parameters and rigidly controlled environment and measurement. The later is simply termed "farming" and controlled only by nature (which is essentially uncontrolled), mostly seat of the pants and involves a good deal of hope, prayer and guessing.

With the bottling of our new Chardonnay a couple weeks ago, the "wine making" season ended and we emerged from the cellar pale and gaunt to start the "wine growing" season in the vineyard. For the next 6 months I can work on my tan and,eventually, sunburn as we fertilize, weed, spray for beetles and fungus, weed again, chase off the deer, weed again, tie up vines, fertilize with micro nutrients,weed again, tie up more vines, spray and put up bird nets. Then watch the weather and grapes to determine harvest. The day after harvest guess what? The "wine making" season starts AGAIN!
April 14, 2017

     Happy Easter to everyone! This is the time of year we start the growing season again, the vines have just started to bud, Chardonnay is the earliest with small leaves already evident while the other varietals have buds just now opening. With the early warm days of March, we were worried things would start too soon and then a late freeze would kill off the crop like last year, but now looks like we dodged the weather. Our Wine Club gathering is Saturday April 29th where we will spend some time in the main vineyard exploring the terrain and steps through the growing season we take to ensure a good harvest, then have a marvelous French country lunch at the winery (not too late to join!!).
     The red wines we made last fall are in the barrels building flavors; Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and our newest addition, Arandell. This was our first harvest for this grape, just planted 3 years ago, a dark red wine with flavors similar to a Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines will be in French oak for at least 12 months and already taste marvelous!


November 25, 2016
After non-stop frenetic activity of harvest the orderly season of winemaking begins


May 8, 2016

First annual wine club dinner a big hit!

Starters by Tim and Jan with a vertical tasting of Vivace from 2013,2014 and 2015. Dinner by Chef Douglas followed by desert with new Coda vintage 2014! A wonderful evening with great friends, could not have made this happen without Denny and Shannon Lazar! Plan to do this again in the Fall so join the Club!


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October 19, 2015
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